Technology transfer of RPAS for the CCI

AiRT, Responsible innovation project I 2019


AiRT Transferring knowledge I 2018


AiRT, Drones and the Cultural & Creative Industry I 2018

AiRT, Responsible innovation project I 2018


AiRT Project Documentary I 2017


Cultural and creative industries

Creative Spaces I 2016


UPV research for Creative Industries I 2016


Intangible Cultural Heritage

Enhancement of the Maderada de Cofrentes I 2014


Enhancement of the Viticulture in the Xaló Valley I 2014

Talayuelas Cultura Viva. San Antonio de PaduaI 2022

Mural cultural landscapes

Street Night Art Dubai. All Quoz Project, a creative industry I 2014

Creative Cities

Sites from the past heritage resources of the present. URUGUAY I 2015

Active tourism

Active tourism, an actual and creative heritage resource. CERLER I 2013

Active tourism, an actual heritage resource – SPAIN I 2013

Active tourism, an actual heritage resource. THE REGION OF VALENCIA I 2013


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