Our mission

Welcome to the website of the Research Microcluster Cultural and Creative Industries, Tourism & Tech! Our interdisciplinary research group, affiliated with the International Campus of Excellence, is dedicated to tackling Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) issues using user-centered design methodologies. We believe that this approach is crucial for finding impactful solutions that consider sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance principles.

We are committed to the core belief that sustainability is not only an ethical imperative but also a strategic advantage. Through social innovation and design methodologies, we strive to develop valuable solutions that meet the needs of individuals and their interconnected ecosystems.

About us

Our team consists of professors specializing in Sustainability, Eco-innovation, Art, Cultural Heritage, Management, and Engineering. Together, we work closely to develop innovative solutions and opportunities for the Cultural and Creative Industries, with a special focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Sustainability and eco-innovation are integral aspects of our research, ensuring that our work contributes positively to the environment and society.

We recognize the importance of promoting sustainable practices within these industries to ensure that our research positively contributes to the environment and society at large. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we strive to foster the development of eco-innovative solutions that align with sustainability goals, driving the growth of a greener and more socially responsible sector.


The Research Microcluster brings together research structures of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia focused on art, cultural heritage, and engineering. By combining their expertise, these units facilitate advanced research and drive technological advancements. Their collaborative efforts result in the transfer of knowledge to various sectors within the cultural and creative industries, including cultural heritage, art, museums, architecture, and more.



The Research Microcluster engages in a wide range of activities, conducting responsible research and innovation projects within the realms of Cultural and Creative Industries, Intangible Heritage, and Street Art. Our projects have spanned various locations worldwide, including Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates, the U.K., Canada, and Spain. We place emphasis on integrating new technologies with aspects of identity, local development, and tourism. Moreover, sustainability, eco-innovation, and ESG principles guide our work, driving us towards a greener and more socially responsible sector.


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