Our mission

The Research Microcluster Cultural and Creative Industries, Tourism & Tech, of the International Campus of Excellence, was born from the need to address Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) issues with methodologies close to design, putting the end users always at the centre of our thinking. We believe that only from this interdisciplinary perspective is it possible to find truly relevant solutions for society. We focus on social innovation, that is to say, on a model of innovation that impacts the human being, providing an integral benefit to the individual and his or her ecosystem.

We are experimental, highly creative, collaborative and coolhunting people, we look for technological challenges and surprise with the results. We believe in community empowerment, and that it is necessary to think from the user’s needs, and through a design methodology that allows us to implement really valuable solutions.

About us

The Research Microcluster CCIs, Tourism & Tech, previously called Globalization, tourism and heritage, was created in 2011 by 15 University professors, within the VLC International Campus of Excellence Program, who have started to work together in responsible research and innovation projects related to the social and economic role of the Creative Cities, Intangible Heritage, Culture, Street Art, with a special focus on ICT.

The Research Microcluster is based on an interdisciplinary and Inter-University group of researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV, a university with a focus on science and technology) and the Universitat de València (UV, oldest university in the Valencian Community). The interdisciplinary team is composed of Art, Cultural Heritage, Management and Computer Engineering professors who work together in order to offer, among other things, new business opportunities for Creative Industries, with a special focus on ICT implication.



The Research Microcluster CCIs, Tourism & Tech uses the locations of the respective research structures: the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage (Faculty of Fine Arts, UPV), the Department of Art History (UV), the Management Department (Faculty of Business Administration and Management, UPV) and the University Institute of Control Systems and Industrial Computing (Ai2, UPV). The first two ones have several labs and equipment for scientific research, technological development, innovation and knowledge transfer in the field of Cultural Heritage and Creative Industries. Meanwhile the Management Department uses different software and databases for its research activities in the field of Creative/Cultural Industry innovation, being one of the most productive departments at the UPV. The Ai2 focuses on automation systems in different areas: robotics, industrial computing, computer vision, computer graphics and process control.



The Research Microcluster’s activities are diverse and many responsible research and innovation projects related to Creative indrustries, Intangible Heritage and Street Art have been performed in Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates, U.K., Canada and Spain, in particular focusing on linking new technologies and aspects of creativity and identity, heritage activation, local development and tourism. On the other hand, in the field of cultural heritage, physical-chemical and cultural studies of ancient colouring materials, fragrances and drugs are an important part of basic research of the microcluster, comparing America and Europe.



For any questions about the RMC CCIs, t&t, please contact: ccis@upv.es
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