Technology transfer of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for the creative industry


The use of drones and adaptation in the field of creative industries is one of the research lines which has been continously developed since 2010 within the research microcluster. In recent years, the MCI has directed several research projects and contracts related to this topic both nationally and internationally, mainly addressing to the following fields:

– Indoor drone especially design for the needs of the Creative Industries
– New aerial photography and filming tools as advertising resource.
– Use of drones for creative processes in the artistic ambit.
– Identification and aerial video recording of Heritage in order to design museum and tourism projects.
– Aerial inventory and scientific cataloging of works of art and buildings.
– 3D Register – Creative architecture photogrammetry
– New aerial filming tools of creative events
– New aerial filming tools for short films and music videos

Key words

Virtual reality, 3D reconstruction, indoor positioning, system, RPAS, aerial film, intelligent navigation, advanced safety measures, creative industries.g