Senses and Sensibility: art, culture and society

Most representative Publications

– Vázquez de Ágredos Pascual, Ma. Luisa and Cristina Vidal Lorenzo (2017) “Fragrances and Body Paint in the Courtly Life of the Maya”, Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican Traditions for Constructing Power and Place (Meredith Paxton and Leticia Staines Cicero, Eds.), 155-169.University of New Mexico Press, USA.

– Vázquez de Ágredos Pascual, Ma. Luisa and Linda R. Manzanilla Naim (2017) “Beauty and Health in the Ancient City of Teotihuacan: Skin and Its Aesthetic and Therapeutic Treatments”, Austin Journal of Dermatology 4 (1): 1071-1078, New Jersey, USA.

– Vázquez de Ágredos Pascual, Ma. Luisa, Lucía Rojo Iranzo, Elsa Van-Elslande, Philippe Walter, Rita Pagiotti y Giovanni Cavallo (2017) “Science, Art and Mythological Greco-Roman Beliefs in the Ancient Pharmacy of Santa Maria delle Scala, Rome”, Kermes Books: 9th European Symposium on Religious Art, Restoration & Conservation –Proceeding book- (Iulian Rusu, Mircea Teodor Nechita, Elena Niculina y Nicolae Apostolescu, Eds.), 116-120. Lexis Compagnia Editoriale in Torino srl.