Oficios del pasado, recursos patrimoniales del presente: La cerámica de Manises.

Santamarina-Campos, V., Carabal-Montagud, M.A. (ed.)
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


This publication presents a multidisciplinary analysis of Valencian ceramics, both conceptually and technologically, based on a complete historical journey from the Muslim period to the 18th century.
It analyzes its symbolism and shows an approach to materials, procedures and techniques studying the application of ceramics to contemporary sculpture. It concludes with the approach of the current situation of the craft, gathering the testimony of ceramic artisans.

The aim of this publication is to contribute to the preservation of the figure of the ceramic artisans of Manises, a heritage trade in the process of deactivation, whose practice constitutes a form of cultural and social expression that, inherited from their tradition, characterizes the people from Manises.