Mechanics in Cultural Heritage

Most representative Publications

– L. Fuster-López, F.C.Izzo, M.Piovesan, D.J.Yusá-Marco, Zendri, E.. “Study of the chemical composition and the mechanical behaviour of 20th century commercial artists’ oil paints containing manganese-based pigments‏”. Microchemical Journal, Volume 124, January 2016, Pages 962–973. ISSN: 0026-265X

– K. Muñoz-Alcocer, L.Fuster-López, A. Pizarro-Medina, M. Picollo, G. Bartolozzi. «Pre-Hispanic pigments and Italian Renaissance designs at Spanish Colonial Missions Churches in Northern Mexico«. Color Research and Application, Jun2016, Vol. 41 Issue 3, p289-293.ISSN: 1520-6378